Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mr. and Miss Frankie

I love Mr. and Miss Frankie. I am not a fan of the font that I did Landrie in. I will not use it again. I can't wait for my monsters to wear them. I did not monogram the boy Frankie shirt with a name, I may later. We will see. The girl shirt is $20 because I have to add bows and the boy shirt is $18. Both are L/S. These shirts can also be done in a white tee. The hair can be be black with white polka dots or the purple gingham. Email me for prices on the sibling set. It depends on the siblings. Either way, if you order two, there will be a slight discount.

Initial Shirt

This shirt is only $12 for a S/S and $14 for a L/S! It will go with anything!!! I have a huge assortment of thread colors. I can also do a diamond or block design for boys.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Punkin Patch Shirts

Does your punkin have a shirt to wear to the pumpkin patch? I can do the name in green or brown. I also have other pumpkin or Harvest choices. This shirt is $20.00 for L/S.

Megaphone Shirt

Here is a megaphone shirt in LSU plaid. This shirt is $18 ,.00 S/S. I have all kinds of fabric to match your school's colors. If you are looking for a special fabric, let me know.

Get your Turkey a Turkey shirt

Cute Turkey Shirt for Thanksgiving. I can monogram name underneath. The ribbons are the feathers and ric rac for legs. This shirt is $19.00 for long sleeve. This turkey has blue eyes, but you can request a special eye color. I can make some cute pants to match. I will post a picture later.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Backyardigans Birthday Shirt

Gregory will be rocking at his Backyardigans Birthday party!

Big Brother Big Sister and Little Brother Little Sister

To get the names added it is $3.00 extra/shirt.

Here is a Big Brother and Little Brother. The mom wanted their name monogrammed underneath. These boys are going to be so HANDSOME on Austin's birthday.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Tech shirts

Who knew!!! Bulldog fans do exist!!! Goooo Dawgs:-) Here are a few shirts that I have done for these die hard fans:-) I know you will raise that crazy bulldog fist in the air when you get these. Really, who started that!!!

Another Bulldog fan named Landry. This shirt was a little hard for me to do by not spelling the name Landrie!

Shorts are $14.00!!!

This is actually a burp cloth for a friend; but, the design can be done on a shirt. It is done in gold tiger stripe fabric and purple thread .

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Too Too Cute Tutus!

Here is another spin off of the candy corn shirt. I put a tutu on it and monogrammed the initials on the shirt instead of the name. There are "tutu" many options:-)
I can not find any L/S orange shirts, but the idea can be done....Initial and tutu. I still have the candy corn fabric. I could do this shirt in white and do the initial with a black tutu. I can also get an orange S/S shirt just can't find a L/S orange shirt. Of course, this style does not have to be done just for Halloween. This would be so cute for a birthday!!!

Football Shirts

Don't HATE me because I'm.......

not an LSU fan. I bet some of you reading this are shocked to hear that not everyone in Louisiana is an LSU fan. I am a Louisiana Tech fan just because it is my alma mater and I will be able to say in 20 years when they are AWESOME that I was a fan when it wasn't cool to be a fan! Because I am a Tech fan, I have made my kiddos Tech stuff. I can do LSU items and since I live in Baton Rouge, I can find all kinds of LSU fabric as well as other colleges' fabric. Let me know what you are looking for, and I can make it! That is because Louisiana Tech produces EXCELLENT people...he he. I would love to hear your comments:-)

Santa outfit

I am already getting into the Christmas mood! I made this Santa shirt for Landrie and a matching onsie for Jud. I also made some pants that match Santa's hat out of red houndstooth fabric. I can't wait to get their picture in these matching sibling outfits. I can make pants for $16.00 and these L/S tee shrits are $18.00.

Snowman Applique Shirt

I monogrammed Landrie's name as the snowman's mouth. I can also do the snowman's mouth out of buttons. 5 buttons in the shape of a smile. Up to you:-) I added some white ball trim at the bottom. She will be a little older when she wears this. I hope she does not tear the balls off again. If she does, I guess I could say the snowman is melting:-) Check out my site if you would like to order this.

Summer Applique Designs

These are embroidery designs, not applique. That means these are all stitches and thread.

Animal Applique Designs

Here are some Applique designs for your animal lover.

Birthday Applique Designs

How sweet your little cupcake would look with a cupcake shirt:-) These are cute designs for a special birthday or for your little one to wear to birthday parties!

Girls Applique Designs, Paris

Below are some cute designs for little girls. I did the high heel shoe in zebra. I will be doing the poodle soon!

Christmas Appliques

Here are a few designs that I have for Christmas. The fabric choices can be changed.

I did Santa's beard in white minky dot fabric. So cute and soft:-)