Monday, March 29, 2010

Applique Name Shirt for Siblings

Grey and Chaney's mom wanted a gender neutral name shirt.  Applique name shirts are $20 for three letters (which is great for initials) and $1.00 for each additional applique letter, six letters is the max.  Shorts can be made to match.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Girl's Applique Easter Bunny for Easter egg hunt

Here she is!  Little Miss Easter Bunny!  She is in pink and white gingham.  Her name can be in any font.  She has a sweet little bow in her "hare" that is sewn on.  She is $18.
This is what the sibling set looks like!  So cute!

I made some shorts to match the top.  First time to put a ruffle on some shorts.  These turned out so cute, I had to make some for my little girl!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Coordinating Bows

I have a friend in Baton Rouge that makes the best bows!  She is very creative and can whip these bows up faster than I can think of what color I want next!  Check out her new blog.  Her prices are very reasonable.  She can match the outfits that I make and I can ship them all together!  Talk about service:-)

Helicopter Applique and Matching shorts

This helicopter applique matches the helicopter on the fabric perfectly!  The helicopter shirt is $20 because it is three fabric changes.  

Shark Applique Shirt

OK, most you know, that this shirt was bound to happen.  I am a shark FREAK!!!!  In fact, I know that this applique can't be a great white shark because the tail fin is wrong.  I have not quite figured out what kind of shark it is, but I do know it is cute!!!  

I did it out of blue and white stripe material.  I have a ton of that material!  I also plan on doing a whale to match it too.  So, you may as well order some shorts and pants to match these designs:-)  However, this material looks great with blue jeans too.   
The shark shirt is $17.  I did Riley's name in red Brush font.  This shirt will be so cute for the beach!

Blue and White Stripe Dump Truck applique

Here is a dump truck applique.  If you live in Baton Rouge, you see plenty of these!  I am not complaining, because I know it is progress.  Hopefully,  
these trucks will make driving back forth a lot easier!  
I can make pants to match or shorts.  This fun little shirt can be done with other fabric.  The wheels are in a dark denim so this shirt could be worn with dark blue jeans or light blue jeans and even khakis.  This shirt is $20.00 because it is three fabric changes.  A name can be monogrammed on it for free.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Boy's Easter Bunny Casual Easter Egg Hunt Outfit

Here are some more pictures of this Casual Easter Egg Hunt Outfit.

Girl's Funky Easter Egg for Easter Egg Hunt

This is a funky little design.  It needs two or four coordinating fabrics.  I added marabou fuzzy stuff for grass.  You can wash it, just don't throw this shirt in the dryer.  I thought the marabou added a special touch.  The egg can be made smaller.  I think it may be a little big.  Shoot me an email if you are interested.   
This shirt with the marabou fuzz is $22. 
This shirt without the fuzz is $18.
I am loving these shorts with ruffles on them!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big Brother Dinosaur Shirt

Do you have a little dinosaur that is about to be a big brother or big sister?  Graham's mommy is so much fun to work with!  She has the best ideas!  This shirt can be done in blue or pink gingham too.  This shirt is $19.00.

If the shoe fits!

This shoe is done in pink leopard print.  Just another twist on the shoe design already.

Camouflage St. Patrick's Day Shirt

Here is a camo four leaf clover for St. Patrick's day!
Averi and Landon are going to "rock" their Shamrocks at the St. Patty's parade!!!