Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Patches or tabs are the new accessory!

I think patches are GREAT!  I can keep the patch when the kiddos outgrow their shirt and use it during summer and winter.  I may even keep all the patches and make a quilt for them when they grow up:-)
Sibling Animal Kingdom Patch

Judson's patches.  The Mickey shirt is attached to the shirt right now.

The button shirt without a patch.

The Grinch and Mickey to match his stylin' gingham pants!!

a Muno patch that I made this summer but it will work on the long sleeve shirt too.

Sock Monkey patch

Grinch patch

Caterpillar patch

Any design can be made a patch.  The patch price varies based on the complexity of the design....but you get to keep the patch for future use.  The buttons on the shirt, no matter the size shirt will fit every patch.  Email me if you have questions about this:-)

Disney Animal Kingdom Outfit and patches

I made these patches for my kiddos this summer and just love them!  Especially for my little boy, because he gets his shirt dirty so fast!  I can take the patch off, and put a new patch on for a whole different outfit!  Also, I can put the patch on a short sleeve button shirt too.  And when he grows out of the shirt, I can make a bigger shirt, and use the patch on that shirt!

I made my daughter a patch shirt too!

These are what the patches look like.  They have button holes in the corner.

The patches button onto the shirt.
This was Judson's Animal Kingdom outfit, even though we did not step foot into Animal Kingdom!  

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The "On Duty" Elf on the Shelf on a shirt in a pocket!

How many more prepositions could I get in that title!!!!

Elton is our Elf on a Shelf!  I decided to make my daughter a pocket elf shirt so Elton could go with her when she was not a home.  She wore Elton to the airport and he really did help!  It also helped to explain how Elton showed up in Orlando:-)

I put "On Duty" in the circle where the initial usually goes.  I could put another saying there.  I also put Elton's name on the hat.  

This is the outfit.  Bow Girl made the bow.  Her link is at the bottom of this blog.  My daughter also really enjoyed putting special trinkets in the pocket.  A little Tinkerbell had a warm pocket and a great view for a while:-)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Beauty and the Beast Sibling shirts

Watch out Disney....the Beast is coming!!!!

We are going to look like LSU fans!!!

I sure hope we get a picture with Belle!

I can't believe our Disney vacation is finally here!!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas or Winter Outfits for Sibling or Brothers

These three brothers will be fighting each other on who is the cutest!!!!  I love the colors the mom picked for these outfits!  I have a new seamstress and she does an excellent job sewing for me:-)  She serges all the seams to give it that professional look!  Email me if you have a vision....even if it is of sugarplums:-)  I hope we can do some more with these turquoise pants later on....they are corduroy.

Now I did something similar to this for my kiddos....but they would not stay still.  I was thinking this would be their Christmas pajamas....might be a little much for pajamas.  Sorry about the quality of the pictures, they just would not hold still!

I did the shirt and my seamstress added the gathered skirt and a border of coordinating red fabric.  Did I mention that I love my seamstress!!!!  She is local too!  Well, she lives in Zachary....but I hope to be living in the Zachary community REAL soon:-)

Anybody know of some good eyelid glue????

Dear Deer Outfits

I did this picture like this to show that the brown fabric is in raised dot minky.  It is sooo soft!

Camden's mom brought me a red shirt.  I think the deer is so CUTE on a red shirt!  Put Camden in some brown corduroy pants and he will be looking like a "Vixen"  errr I mean so "dashing."

Hunting for Santa in Camouflage.

This mommy wanted a onesie of a Santa in camouflage!  My husband loves to hunt, so I completely understand the thought process behind this:-)  I do live in Louisiana where the seasons are: crawfish, crab, football, and deer... and a whole lot more depending on the lunatic you married!!!!