Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas or Winter Outfits for Sibling or Brothers

These three brothers will be fighting each other on who is the cutest!!!!  I love the colors the mom picked for these outfits!  I have a new seamstress and she does an excellent job sewing for me:-)  She serges all the seams to give it that professional look!  Email me if you have a vision....even if it is of sugarplums:-)  I hope we can do some more with these turquoise pants later on....they are corduroy.

Now I did something similar to this for my kiddos....but they would not stay still.  I was thinking this would be their Christmas pajamas....might be a little much for pajamas.  Sorry about the quality of the pictures, they just would not hold still!

I did the shirt and my seamstress added the gathered skirt and a border of coordinating red fabric.  Did I mention that I love my seamstress!!!!  She is local too!  Well, she lives in Zachary....but I hope to be living in the Zachary community REAL soon:-)

Anybody know of some good eyelid glue????

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