Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wonder Pets

My daughter is in LOVE the Wonder Pets and I am "se wious" So I made her a shirt and a cape for her to play in while she watches her show. She loves it. It reminds me of when I had the Wonder Woman underoos. I would jump off the fireplace and pretend I could fly. Thank goodness we don't have a fireplace like that at this house. This shirt is only $12 since it is not embroidered and it can be a yellow, green, or white tee. I can monogram your child's name on it, if you would like for a little extra.

Here is the cape. I can make it in green, red, or blue. This cape is in satin but it can be made broadcloth at a cheaper price. I can also make these capes reversible - so one side can be Batman and the other side Superman! The emblem is made out of felt.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fleur de Lis Applique Tee Shirt

When you live in Louisiana, you know what a fleur de lis is!! I thought this shirt would be cute with some zebra pants or black pants with a big pink bow. This shirt is only $14.00!!! You pick two colors and what color tee you want. So cheap and so cute!!!
I made this shirt for my daughter. The shirt below is a 24 month shirt. I put her initials on the three leaves or the fleur de lis. It is hard to see in the picture but it turned out really cute. The fleur de lis can be made bigger and if you do not want the initials on it, then I can monogram a name underneath. This shirt is $17.00 and that includes the initials or the monogrammed name.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First Initial Applique Tee

This tee can be done with the first initial upper or lowercase. It is only $16.00. The name will be monogrammed underneath. Shorts can be made to match for an additional $14.00. These are great for the summer or back to school. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, the beginning of school is right around the corner! I know I am looking forward to MDO starting back up:-)

Birthday Number Applique Shirt

So today is your birthday!!! Well, the shirt says it all! Let your birthday baby wear one of these shirts on their big day. You can pick the fabric and the color of the shirt. The name will be monogrammed on the shirt too for a great personal effect!! Email me at so we can discuss the fabric choices. These shirts are only $17.00. Find them at www. and you can see what the other number appliques look like!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pirate Sibling Set, Brother and Sister shirts

Pirate shirts and shorts. My little bucs were adorable in these. Check out to order these. You can also get the sets separately there or just the shirts without the shorts.

My little girl wore this outfit and it matched her brother's.l The shirt can be done in any color you like. I can also change the hair color to match your little girl's hair color. I also put a bow along the waistband.

My little boy wore this. I can make the shirt in black or in white. He was so cute in it. My little buccaneer.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sibling Sets, Brother Sister Sets

Big Sister and little brother or vice versa, Big Brother and little sister. My daughter wore the pink one to the hospital to meet her little brother. These were the cutest in the hospital pictures!! The girl shirt is done in pink gingham and the brother shirt is in blue gingham. Both are embroidered in lime green thread. The set is $33.00.When you live in Louisiana, alligators are one of the most intriguing animals to a toddler. My kiddos wore these to the zoo and we got so many compliments. I can monogram your child's name under the alligators. The shorts have alligators on them too. The set is $55.00 or $30 for one outfit. An outfit comes with a shirt and matching shorts. The little girl shorts can have a ribbon added to the waistband for free.
Below is for you rednecks:-) Yes, it is John Deere! The shorts are done in John Deere fabric and the applique is an adorable tractor embellished with the John Deere fabric. The set is $55 or one outfit is $30.00

Initial Monogram Tee Shirt

This adorable tee looks so fancy at an affordable price of $12.00! You can get the monogram in any color thread. These are so cute for siblings too.

The little boy monogram would be in block format.

You could get little shorts to match the shirt. A set: shorts and a shirt is $25.00. If you want additional shorts to match the shirt, they are $13.00.
If you want to have a bow on the waist band, that is an additional $2.00. So shorts with a bow at the waist band are $15.00

Burp Cloths and Bibs

A matching bib and a burp cloth set with just initials is only $12.00. For boys the initials will be in the block form below and for girls it will be the traditional monogram with the font real fancy and frilly!

Now I can also do a burp cloth with an initial on it or an applique for $8.00.

Outdoor Address or Initial Pillow

Every southern lady needs one of these pillows to put on her front porch! They come in Black, Navy, Tan, Chocolate, Yellow or Red and the thread can be whatever color you like, but the most common choice is Black, Navy, Cream, or Tan. These pillows are $25.00

These 16 X 16 pillows are made from outdoor fabric that withstands exposure to harsh sunlight. This fabric is moisture and mildew resistant and it cleans easily with soap and water.

Personalizing Options:
House Number - up to five digits
One Initial
Last name - the longer the name, the smaller it appears
Sayings - Welcome, Home Sweet Home, etc

Or I can put whatever you like on it!

Monogrammed Letters

Here are a few items with a single letter monogrammed on it.

Same Monogram getting restarted

OK, this feels like the first day of school!!! I do not know what I am doing but I guess with most things, you learn by trial and error and error and error. I will be taking any tips, anytime.

I am creating this blog because I have a website called SAME is for Smocked, Appliqued, Monogrammed, and Etc - which means everything that's custom! I basically started this site because I have a friend in MS that named her daughter Kyleigh and I have another friend in LA with a Kyleigh - same spelling! So I figured, they should get together and sell their monogrammed outfits! And that is how this brain child got started:

You can list your items for free. When they sell, the buyer will pay SAME and SAME will send you the money minus the 20% cut for SAME and all the shipping. It is basically a consignment store that allows you to make 80%!

I also monogram, sew, and applique. I have a daughter and a new son - so I am trying to make matching sibling outfits. Send me an email and I can make you something.