Thursday, August 20, 2009

Halloween Candy Corn Shirt

Halloween Candy Corn Shirt. I have always loved candy corn. Have you ever tried candy corn with peanuts? It tastes like chocolate! I plan on making some dust ruffles for this shirt and putting them on a pair of brown pants. Landrie will wear those pants for Thanksgiving too. I will post pictures when I make them. A S/S shirt is $20, $25 with the ruffle.  Add $2.00 for L/S shirt.

The name font is in Curlz. Get your order in soon, Halloween will be here so soon, it will scare you:-)

Camo Shirts

Hunting Season will be here soon!!

This shirt is embellished in orange for the boy with the Cason font for the letter. The tee is $15.00.
The girl shirt is embellished in pink. A pink ribbon and a ruffle can be added for an additional $4.00.
The sibling set is $28.00 - you get to save $2.00 if you order two. Just let us know the sizes, the letters and if you want orange of pink.

Uncle Fester

My husband is always calling my poor son "Uncle Fester." The sad thing is, he kinda looks like him, he he. My poor baby is bald, but he will get some hair soon! Anyway, I made him a bib and he can wear for Halloween. It has the swamp font. Let me know if you have a little Uncle Fester at your house:-)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dust Ruffles for jeans

OK, I have started making my little girl these ruffle that attach to the bottom of her jeans with velcro. I call them dust ruffles, but I am up for suggestions for other names for them.

As you can see, the jeans have the fuzzy part of the velcro sewn onto the bottom. To make these, I will need your child' measurement from the waist to the floor. Your child should be wearing shoes when you make your measurement.

I have made these to match a few of her shirts. Check out the website to look at our fabric options or if you want to order these. Look under Dust ruffles.

Here is what it looks like with one on and one off.

Finished Product!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Initial Applique and I love Shoes shirt

New Stuff! My little girl is already in love with shoes. I catch her all the time in my closet trying on my high heels. It is too funny. So I made her a high heel shoe shirt.
I added a ruffle because it makes it even more girly and now I don't have to worry about tucking in her shirt!
You can get this shirt without the ruffle. In this picture, I tucked the ruffle under. That is why it may look a little funny in the picture.

Without fringe.

With fringe. I will make a suggestion to those with little ones under 3, this fringe may not last! My little girl wore this one day and by the end of the day, most of the balls were off! GRRRRR!!!! So ruffle for 3 and under, fringe for only the mature:-)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Applique Dinosaur and Ragged Tee

This is a ragged tee applique onsie. The edges are unfinished. I thought this feature is cute for little boys.

This is what the onsie looks like after I washed it and you can see how the edges have a little worn look. I think it turned out great! This shirt can be done with a capital applique too. It is $12.00
This shirt was done for a birthday party. The dinosaur fabric is shiny. What boy doesn't like dinosaurs:-)

Close up look of the darling dino!

Another Dino shirt on a white tee. I made this one so that it would go with blue jeans.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Numbers and Letters

Here is another number shirt. The number is in Retro and the name in Curlz.
The letter is the Retro applique and the font is Retro too.

I put a little ruffle on the shirt.
The Ruffle and ribbon is an additional $4.00.

Another number shirt. Check out to see more:-)

Baby Onsie

Here is a baby onsie with an initial on the front in lowercase and her name on the bootie. Too cute, especially when they start crawling:-)

Bibs and Little Bro Burp

Here are a few more bibs and a Little Bro burp cloth.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Applique Designs and fonts


Fabric Choices

Below are some pictures of fabric choices, but the sky is the limit.
I thought this would be cute fabric for us Louisiana Techsters! I know we are few and far between, but we do exist! Go Dawgs!!!

Above is really cute fabric for boys. I might do my son an initial shirt and shorts or a jon jon out of this!

Here is some more fabric for boys. Madras, crab, turtle, alligator, some gingham, plaid and pirate.

Polka Dots

Girl Fabric

LSU Fabric

More Girl Fabric: Poodle, Surfer Flower, Pink Damask, and lime flower

Brother Sister Fabric

Bibs and Burp Cloths

Here are a few more bibs that I have done for customers. The possibilities are endless! You can find these on the website,

Bib prices range from $7 to $8 and make a great baby shower present.

This bib will be great during crawfish season and who doesn't want to pinch a little baby:-)

OK, I am a huge "Friends" fan and will watch it whenever it comes on. My little boy always has a flirting look on his face so I thought I would help him out since he can't talk yet. I can do any saying for you.