Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Your little Grinch is going to steal the show!

These Christmas Grinch applique shirts are my new favorite shirts!!!  I love the texture and look of them:-)
I did the Grinch's face out of a green terry cloth towel to give him that rough furry look.  The white fabric is actually glow in the dark fabric left over from Halloween....but what kid does not like glow in the dark fabric:-)  Gives that Grinch some more character in the dark! The hat is in crushed velvet.

The mom did not want their names on the shirts because she wants to pass them down...she has three boys.  Bless her heart!  These shirts are $22 each.  

Here is a removable Grinch patch!

Sock Monkey Sibling Shirts Big Sister and Little Brother

Sadie applique name shirt

Thursday, November 25, 2010

More Disney shirts!

Seriously....who is NOT going to Disney?!  I thought we were going during a slow time of year....Apparently not!  I just love doing Disney shirts though!  They are my favorite shirts to do!!!

Let me know if I can do any Disney shirts for you!  I can do almost any character.  Check out these websites to see other possible designs.  

Big Bird, Big Favorite!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Southern Christmas Palm Tree Shirt

I love the beach!!!  I would pick a beach vacation over a ski vacation every day of the week, even with a hurricane coming!!!!   I have a neighbor that is from the Chicago area....she commented on how it was in the 60's on Sunday and everyone at church had their big coats on!!  She said that is tee shirt weather!  Well, down here, that is WINTER!!!  We only get a limited time to wear our coats, so we take advantage of it even when there is a strong wind.

I saw this pattern last year and wanted to do it.  I think I will put my kiddos name on the shirt, but not sure if I will yet.  I think I will get a different lime green color for the girl....it is a little too neon.  Aren't you glad I try these patterns out on my kids stuff first:-)

The green leaves are in a green and small white polka dot.  I don't mind polka dot for my boy because he is still a baby to me:-)  If you would rather a solid green or some other green fabric, that can be done!

I think I will either tone down the lime thread or use a more vibrant fabric. 

Here is the sibling set!  I love them!!!

These shirts are $20.  If you want the girl ruffle shirt like in the picture, the shirt is $22.  I can only get these ruffle shirts in a size 2t, 4t, and 6t.  

Barbie Girl!

There was a time there that my 4 year old girl would walk around and sing:  Barbie Girl; BaaaaaarrrrrrrBEEEEEE Girllllllllllll;
Barbie Girl,

You get my drift....that is all I heard.  It reminded me of the movie "The Rock."  Does anyone remember the scene with Nicholas Cage in it where he was saying "I'm gonna gut you, boy!"
I'm gonna GUT you, boy!
I'm gonna gut you, BOY!

Oh, that scene is classic:-)  If you don't know me, I do have a weird sense of humor....Please let me know if you share that same sense of humor....

Anyway, here is a Barbie Girl Tee shirt.  Of course, I can monogram a name under the silhouette of Barbie.  Barbie is done in black sequin fabric.

This shirt is $18; add $2 for sizes over 4T.

Embroidered Bows

Ballet Bow

Paw print bow...can be done in different colors to match your school colors.

Who dat bow

Here are some more bows made by Ashley of Bow Girl.  I monogram them, and she makes them:-)  Ashley can make any kind of bow to coordinate with the shirts I make you.  Plus, she lives here in Baton Rouge so she can see the shirt and match it perfectly!  I have all kinds of designs, including initials, that I can monogram on the ribbon.  

Friday, November 12, 2010

Argyle Mickey shirts for Brothers

This is one of my favorite designs!!!!!!!  I got the argyle pattern last year, and I have never used it.  My friend has two older boys, and I thought this might be fun and a little different.  I think it turned out GREAT!!!!  I guess I am biased:-)

Well, what do you think???  
These two little men are going to look so GQ...he he!

This could also be done for Minnie too!  The diamonds could be in polka dot and of course Minnie's bow would be the red polka dot too!  

This shirt is $21.

Houndstooth Family Mickey Shirts for Disney

This is Christmas Houndstooth Fabric.

$25 for Daddy Shirt

Mommy Minnie:  $25

I have not gotten Hudson's done yet, but I have gotten quite a few requests for Disney Christmas shirts so I wanted to show some options.  I can also do this same concept with different Christmas fabric.  I like how the whole family has a different design, but they all coordinate with the same fabric.  Email me if you are going to Disney, I will be there soon!!!!!!

Turkey Time

Are the days just flying by!!!  I can't believe it is about to be Thanksgiving!!!!

Here is a different spin on this design.  The light brown supply is getting low, but I found some brown shirts!!!!

There is an endless supply of turtleneck shirts if you like turtlenecks:-)

To Disney World and BEYOND!!!!

Do you have a little one that is a Toy Store FAN!!!!  The white fabric that makes up Buzz's suit is glow in the dark fabric!  It does glow in the dark.  I don't know how long the glow lasts after you wash it though?  

Buzz is $25 for 12 month to 4T.  Add $2 for sizes 5T and up.