Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sesame Street Applique Shirts

We are going to see Sesame Street in March!! So, we are going to live it up! One of my customers gave me the idea. Her little boy is going to be wearing the Cookie Monster shirt.
Here is the Elmo Shirt that my daughter will be wearing. It is $21 because it uses 3 different fabrics.
Sesame Street Elmo applique @ Same MonogramThe Cookie Monster applique shirt is $19 because it has 2 fabric changes.
This is going to be my shirt. Not because I am a Grouch (ok maybe sometimes) but because I LOVE garbage!!! I love to garage sale shop but my husband calls them garbage sales. Hey, one man's trash is another woman's TREASURE:-) Oscar has 4 fabric changes and sales for $22 and an adult Oscar sales for $25. The eyebrows are out of the minky dot fabric. Sooo soft:-) I took a look at my eyebrows this morning and they resemble Ole Oscar's! I will have to get them fixed before I wear this shirt. Oscar's eyebrows can't be looking better than mine!!!!

My husband has agreed to wear a Big Bird Shirt!!! He volunteered and he chose Big Bird. I will post it once I get it done! I may have to make a Cookie Monster shirt for Judson so he does not feel left out. However, I don't think Judson is going to make it to the show.

Here are some more Sesame Street Options!!!

Crawfish Boil anyone

Keep yourself out of the hot water and order your little monkey an outfit to wear to the upcoming crawfish boil! I am going to make my little man some shorts out of this adorable fabric. The crawfish applique matches perfectly! Judson is going to be so cute in this outfit that I bet crawfish tails are not the only thing that will be pinched at the crawfish boil!

Also, on a side note. I have a friend that lives around the Chicago area. I was telling her about a crawfish boil and how yummy they are. After a few minutes, she asked me, "How do you eat a crawfish "bowl?" I realized she misunderstood me because of my accent! We all got a good kick out of that!

Dino - Mite! Dinosaur applique

I have posted my dinosaur before, but another one has been ordered. This makes a great birthday present for a little boy that loves dinosaurs. Grey is monogrammed in the Kristen font in all caps.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Little Models!

Special Delivery! Here are two precious models wearing their Big Brother and Little Sister Shirts. Aren't they adorable:-) What a great picture!
To all my great customers....if you send in a picture of your little monkey wearing a shirt made by SAME monogram, then you will get $2.00 off your next order! Keep sending these special pictures in!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hoppy Easter! Bunny applique tee with monogrammed name

Oh, I love how this turned out!!! This bunny is in light blue and white stripe. The fabric is not seer sucker. I can make pants to match. I think I will make my daughter one in pink so they will match. I will put a bow on the bunny.
Easter bunny applique
Boys Easter applique

Typewriter font.

The shirt is $17.00.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Fabric for Appliques

Here are some St. Patrick's Day fabric for the four leaf clover applique or the pirate applique. "Good Luck" choosing, I think all of them would make a cute tee shirt!

Friday, February 5, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Applique Tee Shirt with Four leaf clover

Make sure your little monkeys are wearing green for St. Patrick's Day so they do not get pinched!!! These can be made in a variety of ways. I will post some St. Pat's fabric soon. This applique is of a four leaf clover. The name will be monogrammed in the middle. Get your orders in early. These four leaf clover shirts are $18.00

Girls St. Patricks day applique

four leaf clover applique @ SAME monogram

"Who Dat" wants a Saints shirt

Sunday is going to be such a fun day! Check out what some little monkeys will be wearing to Super Bowl parties.

The above shirt has a Saints fleur de lis appliqued onto a tee shirt with some fancy Fleur de lis ribbon sewn onto the bottom of the applique tee.
These two shirts have the Saints fleur de lis embroidered on it.
Here is Mr. GQ again sporting his Saints Shirt! I think he will get to wear it again next year:-)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Applique Tee Shirt with Pirate and Shamrock Eye Patch

Boys St. Patrick's day applique Pirate shirt @ SAME Monogram

This is the same concept as the Valentine Applique Pirate shirt. It was such a hit that I thought why not do a shamrock/four leaf clover as the eye patch. I have other St. Patrick day fabric, just have not posted a picture. I can monogram a name below too. I am planning on making some pants out of the plaid for my son. I just love plaid. I figure, since he is still a baby, I can get away with putting him in plaid pants:-) This shirt is $23.00. 

Clover patch pirate applique

Birthday Crown Applique

Gabby's mom picked out the zebra fabric and she is also going to put some rhinestones on the tips of the crown! That will give it such an extra touch! Gabby was having a Diva Birthday party. Her mom thought of everything from red carpet, paparazzi, and a lot of other fun things to make these girls feel like they were Hollywood Stars!!!