Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sesame Street Applique Shirts

We are going to see Sesame Street in March!! So, we are going to live it up! One of my customers gave me the idea. Her little boy is going to be wearing the Cookie Monster shirt.
Here is the Elmo Shirt that my daughter will be wearing. It is $21 because it uses 3 different fabrics.
Sesame Street Elmo applique @ Same MonogramThe Cookie Monster applique shirt is $19 because it has 2 fabric changes.
This is going to be my shirt. Not because I am a Grouch (ok maybe sometimes) but because I LOVE garbage!!! I love to garage sale shop but my husband calls them garbage sales. Hey, one man's trash is another woman's TREASURE:-) Oscar has 4 fabric changes and sales for $22 and an adult Oscar sales for $25. The eyebrows are out of the minky dot fabric. Sooo soft:-) I took a look at my eyebrows this morning and they resemble Ole Oscar's! I will have to get them fixed before I wear this shirt. Oscar's eyebrows can't be looking better than mine!!!!

My husband has agreed to wear a Big Bird Shirt!!! He volunteered and he chose Big Bird. I will post it once I get it done! I may have to make a Cookie Monster shirt for Judson so he does not feel left out. However, I don't think Judson is going to make it to the show.

Here are some more Sesame Street Options!!!

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