Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Scary how close Halloween is getting! Jack the Halloween Pirate

Jack is so popular!  And now Mr. Grayson is going to be so popular in his Halloween pirate shirt!

Sibling Set Mr. and Miss Potato Head

I just did another set of Potato heads for a brother and sister.  I just love these shirts.  I get so many compliments when my kiddos where their shirts!  

Pumpkin Patch shirts for your Punkin

These were such a hit last year and I have already gotten some orders for this year.  

Are you ready for the pumpkin patch?  I can't wait to get pictures of my kiddos at the patch this year!  What a fun memory!  

This font is called "fun boy!"  

I did the names in brown.  If you click on the "harvest" tab, you can see what this shirt looks like with green font.  
Holland's name is in "Silly."  

Tinkertoy font

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hungry Caterpillar First Birthday Shirt

Happy First Birthday NATE!!!  I wonder if he is going to eat a watermelon, strawberry, lollipop, a piece of cake, a pickle......

Fancy Nancy Birthday Party! Landrie is 4!

I had so much fun planning Landrie's Fancy Nancy Party!  However, I learned a BIG lesson.  Next year, I think we are just going to have her party at a jumpy place!  That way I don't have to worry about cleaning my house and then cleaning it again after the party is over.  You just show up and then leave!

We had a great time anyway!  Here are a few pictures of what we did.  If you are planning on having a Fancy Nancy party....I have a ton of clip art and designs.  Just email me, and I can send them to you in a powerpoint document!

We started off playing mannequin freeze dance!  I had a friend of mine be "Mrs. Devine."  She did a great job entertaining the kids and keeping the party going.  And I got to enjoy the party!

Then we played pass the Posh Puppy.  Like Hot Potato.  

This is very homemade, but we played pin the crown on Fancy Nancy.

Christine Trumps made this cake!  So cute:-)  

We also had a Parfait "Barr."  Barr is my last name:-)
I got these paper butterfly wings from Oriental Trading.  I spray painted them purple and got some stick on jewels and stickers.

The girls really enjoyed this activity.

Then we did a pull string pinata.  

And the fight for the loot is on.  I put some candy and Mardi Gras beads in it!  

Here is a banner I made in powerpoint.  I tried to make the back look like cow print.

This is where the food was to go.  It was so crazy hot outside, we decided to bring it in.  

We had chocolate covered strawberries.  
This is Landrie with her Maw Maw. Both are in their Fancy Nancy outfits!

Judson the sheriff had to take a break from all the action.  I tried to make him an outfit to match his sister's a little.  

This is Fancy Mommy and Fancy Landrie!

We had a great time but I will see you next year at Chuckee Cheese!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

There is a new sheriff in town!

We had a Fancy Nancy Party this weekend for Landrie.  I made Judson a sheriff shirt in case the party got too "wild!" The Sheriff shirt is $18.

Blues Clues Applique and Birthday Outfit in Brown and Turquoise

Connor loves Blue's Clues!  And who isn't going to love Connor in this outfit!!!!
Blue is turquoise and has royal blue spots.  I made pants to match the micro brown gingham ring around Blue.  

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Game Day Jerseys Texas Longhorn applique shirt for UT

Chaney and Grey's mom wanted me to make them some jerseys to wear for game day.  
Chaney's name is in Curlz.

Grey's name is in Fun Boy Font

Sternfeld is in Pottery Barn font and the number applique is Chunky.

You can see through Chaney's shirt a little and you can see the number 4 on the back.  She is 4 years old:-)

This is the back of Chaney's shirt and the front of Grey's.  He has the number 2 on the back of his shirt because he is 2.  These jersey shirts are $28.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Any 12 month Saints or Steeler fan named Olivia?

This 12 month l/s Olivia megaphone shirt is for sale for $10!  I don't know what I was thinking...but I actually made up a name and monogrammed it!?  Seriously!  My customer wrote down the name Alexis and somehow I got Olivia out of it?  I think my daughter may have been watching "Olivia" at the time and that tune is so catchy, that I programmed that name into my machine and out came a megaphone with Olivia on it!  So here it is....for $10.  Hopefully there is an Olivia out there that is a Saints or Steeler fan!

Another LA Tech girl shirt

Here is another Tech shirt for a little girl.  These can be done for boys too:-)

Here are a couple pictures of my kiddos.  I was trying to take a picture of Landrie and then my camera hog butted in!  That little boy cracks me up....He is saying "CHEEEESE!"  He loves to get his picture taken and his sister DOES NOT!