Thursday, September 9, 2010

Game Day Jerseys Texas Longhorn applique shirt for UT

Chaney and Grey's mom wanted me to make them some jerseys to wear for game day.  
Chaney's name is in Curlz.

Grey's name is in Fun Boy Font

Sternfeld is in Pottery Barn font and the number applique is Chunky.

You can see through Chaney's shirt a little and you can see the number 4 on the back.  She is 4 years old:-)

This is the back of Chaney's shirt and the front of Grey's.  He has the number 2 on the back of his shirt because he is 2.  These jersey shirts are $28.

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  1. Just saw these and my husband and are GIDDY! They look even better in real life than they did in my head. I LOVE them. THANKS!!!!