Friday, April 30, 2010

Miss Crabette! Crab applique

I made Avery these shorts for Easter.  Her mom picked out one of these designs from some websites that I sent her.  I think this crab would be cute for a boy too.  The name is in "Boys R Gross" font.  
The Crabby Crab is $17.  

Patriotic Pirate Fourth of July or Memorial Day Cross bones Applique

Here is the Patriotic Pirate!!  He is soooo popular:-)  His eyepatch is a star.  This shirt is great for the Fourth and Memorial day.  However, for Memorial day it is a little morbid...he he.  (No really, that is not funny!)  The name is in Old English font.  It reminded me of the Constitution, but if you look back at the Valentines Pirate or the St. Patrick's pirate, you will see there are other fonts!!
This shirt is $21 for right now.  It may go up depending on demand.  So get your order in early:-)  Price is subject to change!!!

Here are some other fabric options.  Now looking at the hibiscus, they may be too big to show up on the scarf.  Just keep that in mind.  Let me know if you see this pirate with any other fabric.  I probably can find it.  I think I can also get some royal blue shirts.  I do have some red and white stripe fabric.

Typewriter Font

You can get this shirt with out a monogrammed name.  It is $18 without a name.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Star Applique for the 4th of July

Summer is almost here!  I am excited and a little nervous.  Anyone else feel like that?  I am getting my 4th of July designs out there.  Still have a few designs up my sleeve.  

I chose the above fabric because my son already has some shorts that match.  I did his Easter egg hunt outfit in the this fabric.  This star shirt is $17.00.

Here are some more options if you like this design.  This design can be for boy or girl.  This design would be great for Siblings to match at the family reunion.
More Fabric options!  

Rocket Popsicle Applique for the 4th of July

This applique is great for the summer!  You need three different fabrics for this design.  Landrie's name is in Tinkertoy.  I think this design would be adorable in some shiny lame fabric.  This shirt is great for the 4th of July or Memorial Day!

Blues Clues Applique and Birthday Outfit

This is for a little boy that is having a Blues Clues birthday party.  His aunt is getting it for him.  What a great gift!!!  I can pretty much find any cartoon character applique design if your child has a favorite or you are going to a theme birthday party.  
The shirt is $25.00.  I could just do the head of Blue and it would be less.  
The aunt chose the red and blue gingham because she thought the little boy could wear the shorts for the 4th of July.  I have a lot of fun 4th of July designs.  This gingham is also great Louisiana Tech fabric for those "8" people that are fans:-)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Consignment Monogrammed Initials

This post will be continually updated.  Check it often for edits and additions.   Listing is FREE.  If you want to list one of your items, email for details. Also, get $1.00 off your custom order for each item you list. 
"MBK" 12 month Children's Place Spring Dress  $5.00

"JBB" 12 month Camouflage Patch Shirt  $4.00

"PVJ" Shamrock Onesie $2.00

Consignment Girls Monogrammed Name

Julia Shamrock 10-12 Shirt Brand New, $9.00
Emily 4T Peter Pan Hot Pink Gingham Shirt $5.00
"Emma" 12 month Minnie Mouse Yellow Gingham Summer Outfit  $7.00

Consignment Boys Monogrammed Names

Ethan  3 month onesie $2.00
August 12 month Long John $3.00
"J" 2t Ragsland Collar Shirt

consignment Girls Monogrammed Letter

I am just now adding these to my blog.  You can also find them at my website:  I will be updating these with the sizes.  Also, it is free to list your items.  If you would like to sell some of your already monogrammed items, just send me an email with the picture and the details about it.  I will post it on the blog and website.  Check this Label often, because I will be adding and removing items.

"A" 24 month Strasburg Dress with bloomers  $15.00
"A" 12 - 18 month white Gap dress $5.00

"C" 4T Corduroy Dress $5.00
"K" 18 month Pink Bubble $4.00

"M"4T Ragsland Seersucker Bubble $10.00
  "S" 12 month black Damask Onesie    $3.00 

Consignment Boys Smocked

9 month Carriage Boutique Fire Truck and Police Car  $16.00
12 month Christmas Turquoise Monkey Longalls  $20.00
6 month Dump Truck $16.00

9 month Garden Longall    $12.00

12 Month Vive La Fete Sailboat Shortall $17.00

Consignment Girls Smocked

This Post will continually be updated.  Listing your smocked items is FREE.  Email for details or to purchase.
12 month Rosalina Caterpillar Dress $20.00

2T Ragsland Hula Girl Dress $22.00

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba! Say hello to Foofa!

OK, I know that "Yo Gabba Gabba" is one of the weirdest children shows out there, but kids love it!?  I am coming around too.  I think I secretly like it too:-)  I definitely like it better than "Max and Ruby!"  I have a friend that is a fan of a group on Facebook called:  Where the H@#$ are Max and Ruby's parents!  I think that is an excellent question.

Anyway, I am getting off track.  I got my daughter this skirt at a resale shop and I was going to make her a daisy applique shirt.  (Which I do have a cute applique design for a daisyish flower.)

Then I found this design and the colors worked.  Of course, Foofa can be done on a white tee shirt.  I think this would be a fun shirt for a birthday would even make a great gift.  Or your kiddo can wear it when there is a party in their tummy:-)

 Remember.... Don't bite your friends:-)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Parrot Applique Shirt, Set and Bow

My little girl is in LOVE with parrots!  I am not sure why, especially since I am not a huge fan of birds?  Anyway, Santa brought her Pete the Repeat parrot, which she loves and would make a great gift for a three year old.  Pete is not that annoying and he does have an off button!  She got so excited when I showed her this outfit.  The parrot can be in any color.  I am going to do one for my son in red.  The green part of the parrot is made out of a towel and so are the shorts.  I thought this would be a fun summer outfit!   
My friend at  made this bow.  It is $8.00.  This can all be shipped together.  
When I make my son's parrot, I will post it.  It will be a red parrot.

Here is another view of the bow.  This just shows the bow can be made out of different colors.  Check out the resin parrot in the center! It is hot pink.  It would look great if the parrot was hot pink.  
This is the applique pattern found at:  Notice it is sitting on a twig.  I just monogrammed my daughter's name there instead of the applique twig.  If you would rather the twig, just let me know.