Monday, April 19, 2010

Parrot Applique Shirt, Set and Bow

My little girl is in LOVE with parrots!  I am not sure why, especially since I am not a huge fan of birds?  Anyway, Santa brought her Pete the Repeat parrot, which she loves and would make a great gift for a three year old.  Pete is not that annoying and he does have an off button!  She got so excited when I showed her this outfit.  The parrot can be in any color.  I am going to do one for my son in red.  The green part of the parrot is made out of a towel and so are the shorts.  I thought this would be a fun summer outfit!   
My friend at  made this bow.  It is $8.00.  This can all be shipped together.  
When I make my son's parrot, I will post it.  It will be a red parrot.

Here is another view of the bow.  This just shows the bow can be made out of different colors.  Check out the resin parrot in the center! It is hot pink.  It would look great if the parrot was hot pink.  
This is the applique pattern found at:  Notice it is sitting on a twig.  I just monogrammed my daughter's name there instead of the applique twig.  If you would rather the twig, just let me know.  

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