Tuesday, April 27, 2010

consignment Girls Monogrammed Letter

I am just now adding these to my blog.  You can also find them at my website:  www.samemonogram.com.  I will be updating these with the sizes.  Also, it is free to list your items.  If you would like to sell some of your already monogrammed items, just send me an email with the picture and the details about it.  I will post it on the blog and website.  Check this Label often, because I will be adding and removing items.

"A" 24 month Strasburg Dress with bloomers  $15.00
"A" 12 - 18 month white Gap dress $5.00

"C" 4T Corduroy Dress $5.00
"K" 18 month Pink Bubble $4.00

"M"4T Ragsland Seersucker Bubble $10.00
  "S" 12 month black Damask Onesie    $3.00 

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