Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Barbie Girl!

There was a time there that my 4 year old girl would walk around and sing:  Barbie Girl; BaaaaaarrrrrrrBEEEEEE Girllllllllllll;
Barbie Girl,

You get my drift....that is all I heard.  It reminded me of the movie "The Rock."  Does anyone remember the scene with Nicholas Cage in it where he was saying "I'm gonna gut you, boy!"
I'm gonna GUT you, boy!
I'm gonna gut you, BOY!

Oh, that scene is classic:-)  If you don't know me, I do have a weird sense of humor....Please let me know if you share that same sense of humor....

Anyway, here is a Barbie Girl Tee shirt.  Of course, I can monogram a name under the silhouette of Barbie.  Barbie is done in black sequin fabric.

This shirt is $18; add $2 for sizes over 4T.

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