Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Same Monogram getting restarted

OK, this feels like the first day of school!!! I do not know what I am doing but I guess with most things, you learn by trial and error and error and error. I will be taking any tips, anytime.

I am creating this blog because I have a website called www.SameMonogram.com. SAME is for Smocked, Appliqued, Monogrammed, and Etc - which means everything that's custom! I basically started this site because I have a friend in MS that named her daughter Kyleigh and I have another friend in LA with a Kyleigh - same spelling! So I figured, they should get together and sell their monogrammed outfits! And that is how this brain child got started:

You can list your items for free. When they sell, the buyer will pay SAME and SAME will send you the money minus the 20% cut for SAME and all the shipping. It is basically a consignment store that allows you to make 80%!

I also monogram, sew, and applique. I have a daughter and a new son - so I am trying to make matching sibling outfits. Send me an email and I can make you something.

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