Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The "On Duty" Elf on the Shelf on a shirt in a pocket!

How many more prepositions could I get in that title!!!!

Elton is our Elf on a Shelf!  I decided to make my daughter a pocket elf shirt so Elton could go with her when she was not a home.  She wore Elton to the airport and he really did help!  It also helped to explain how Elton showed up in Orlando:-)

I put "On Duty" in the circle where the initial usually goes.  I could put another saying there.  I also put Elton's name on the hat.  

This is the outfit.  Bow Girl made the bow.  Her link is at the bottom of this blog.  My daughter also really enjoyed putting special trinkets in the pocket.  A little Tinkerbell had a warm pocket and a great view for a while:-)

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