Thursday, January 6, 2011

Valentine shirts available!

Valentine shirts are available!!!

Here are a couple of things that I did for my monkeys for Valentine's Day!
I WANDer if you will be my Valentine!
Got the wand at the Dollar spot at Target.

"ALOE"ve you 
"VERA" much!
I have an aloe plant, it constantly is "having babies:-)"  So I just replant them!

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  1. Hey Aimee! I bought my son (Jarrett)'s sock monkey Birthday shirt from you. I'm looking for a cute V-day shirt, but I'm having problems finding something I really want. I wanted something that says "Most Eligible Bachelor" with his name on it. Maybe some hearts or something, but boy-ish! It is a lot harder to find cute boy shirts! My e-mail is: