Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Little Football Fans Supporting their favorite Team

Football Helmet is $19.

Are your little fans ready for football season?  I know on Friday's at my son's MDO program, everyone has on their favorite sports team shirt.  My poor little boy wears a red or blue shirt in a sea of purple and gold.  Even though Tech does not win every game, that is where I went to college and  I am loyal to my Alma Mater:-)

Here is a fun shirt that Judson will wear on purple and gold day:

This could also be done for Georgia Tech too.  $25.
Here is another Tech shirt that I can make.  It is $19 on a plain white tee, $22 on a ringer tee.  Ringer Tees may be a Rabbit Skins.....which run small.  Let me know your child's normal size when ordering, and I will round up if I have to use a Rabbit Skin brand shirt.

Here is a fun spirit shirt to also wear on Friday's.  I love me some sequin fabric....but we can make it boyish looking too.  Change up the font, and fabric....and we can also monogram a name instead of a mascot.

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