Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Turkey shirt for your Turkey!!

Does your turkey have a turkey shirt for Thanksgiving? This L/S shirt would look great with a pair of jeans or brown pants. It is comfortable so your little turkey can play football with the bigger turkeys in the backyard this Thanksgiving. Pants can be made to match. This shirt is $22.


  1. Could you put this on a little romper for an infant? Or do the t-shirts come in little sizes?

  2. Emery,
    I went to your blog to try to answer your question. Not very blog savy right now, so I hope you get this answer. A romper is a tee shirt with shorts attached...is that what you are wanting? They are a little more than tee shirts. I can do a romper in white and a s/s tee shirt in almost any color. As for the light brown, the smallest is 12m. Hope this helps. - Aimee

  3. Can you do different colors on the turket? I was looking for something to appease both me and my husban. Are camo feathers an option?

    I am not familar with how to post to a blog. Hope this works. My email address is angelandmichael@windstream.net