Monday, November 23, 2009

Go Green with a monogrammed Grocery Bag - Teacher Gift

This year I am being GREEN and giving these resuable monogrammed grocery bags to my teachers. I plan on cooking something and putting it inside too. I figured these would be a fun little gift to give to the extra people for Christmas like your nursery workers, MDO teachers, babysitters, etc.

The top letters are in Curlz and the bottom are in Fancy script.
The dimensions are: 12" long, 13" tall and 8" wide. The bag even comes with a cardboard bottom to keep it sturdy. These are suppose to hold 2 plastic bags worth of groceries. They are black, but you can pick the color thread. One initial in Curlz or Fancy Script.

$8.00 each or $6.50 when 2 or more are ordered.

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