Thursday, May 6, 2010

Applique Patches, Tags, Tabs are my new favorite thing!!

These are my new favorite things!!!  My little boy is growing so fast that if I make him a shirt, he can only wear it once!!!  So, I have started making these little patches.  They are 4X4 and they button onto a monogrammed shirt.  This way, all I have to do is make a new shirt when he grows.  The patches just change in an out!  How fun is that:-)  

The monogrammed shirt has 4 clear buttons.  His name is in all lowercase typewriter font.  This shirt is $15 and can be done in any font, color, size, and shirt color.  If you do not want a monogrammed name, then this shirt is $12.00. 

Hungry Caterpillar Patch

This patch has only two fabric changes.  It is $12.  Of course, it can be don on a shirt for $18
I am planning on doing some stripe seersucker short for him.
The initial patch is $11.  You could also get up to 3 letters on this patch.  

I already had these shorts.  

The Muno patch is $12.  

Sock Monkey Applique Patch.  I also have a Girl Sock Monkey with a bow that I am planning on doing for my little girl!!!

Mr. Sock Monkey is $15 because 3 fabric changes and he is $21 on a shirt.  I did his eyes in blue, because my son's eyes are blue.  The eyes can be green or blue, but if you do not specify eye color, then I will just do them in brown.  

Another pair or shorts I "plan" on doing:-)

Below were my first patches.  I have refined my technique.  Even still, the ones below just show you a few more options you have.  

Car applique would be $15......Baseball is $12.

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