Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's Day Special

Happy early Mother's Day!!!  Have you all told your husband what you want?  Better get on it, or expect to get some horrible smelling perfume or bath salts!  (Does anyone really use bath salts???)   Also, if you have a brother or male friend and their wife is better tell them to get their wife a present for Mother's Day.  That is my husband's biggest advice for soon to be dad's.  It was not a pretty weekend for him when I was first pregnant and his friends did not tell him to get me a gift.  His excuse was, "Well, your not a mom yet!?"  Can you believe he was brave enough to tell that to a pregnant pyscho chick!!!!

Well, enough of that, here is the special....Order one custom tee and get a 3 initial shirt for half price.  These are the tees that are just monogrammed with no applique.  These tees are only $6.00! (One per custom tee)  Email me your order before this Sunday!

I will even allow this.  

Again, Happy Mother's day!!!

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