Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Projects

Well, summer has begun and I wanted to show some of the projects that have been keeping me busy even though it has nothing to do with monogramming!

I have decided to change my kiddos bathroom to a monkey theme.  It was a fish/mermaid theme which is why the walls are turquoise, but now I think a monkey theme is a little more versatile plus I am always calling my kids little monkeys!  The pictures below just show the growth chart and the bow holder that I made.  We also have a cute monkey shower curtain that I found at K-Mart of all places along with some accessories.  But right now, my favorite accessory is the bow holder that I made.  Now I can just grab a bow when I am fixing Landrie's hair.  The sad thing is, this will not come with us when we move:-(  I guess I will always have these pictures.

This picture is the reflection in the bathroom mirror.
The bow holder is made out of that hard foam board covered in green fabric.

This shows you a glimpse of the growth chart.  Right now I am just writing on the wall with a pencil.  I explain to my daughter that only mommy gets to do this.
I know this has nothing to do with monogramming, just wanted to post it:-)  I think mainly because I just finished reading another blog: how does she....and saw something on there about bow holders.  That is great blog, check it out!!

Some other activities that I have been doing:

I got this dress on Memorial Day at Children's Place.  It was $2.99!!!!!  I monogrammed a purple "L" on it.  What a deal!!!!

I also got this swimsuit earlier this year at Target.  I monogrammed another "L" on it.  Landrie has already been swimming a lot in it.  Too cute.  I think I saw another shipment of these come in the other day while I was at Target.  

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