Monday, October 25, 2010

Custom Boy design with Jeep and wagon.

A special mom in Canada wanted this cute little shirt made for her little boy.  She said that Oscar loves his dad Rhino.  I had never heard of a Rhino and when she asked me if I had an applique of a Rhino (we were conversing via email) I was trying to think if I had an applique of the horned animal!  I am so glad she sent me a picture of what she was talking about:-)  Anyway, she says that one of Oscar's favorite past times is riding in his wagon behind his dad's Rhino!  So....that is how the shirt came about.  I tried to make it look like Oscar's name was about to fall off the wagon.

The jeep is from Applique Frenzy and the wagon is from Planet Applique.

If you have a unique idea....let me know!  I might be able to make it happen:-)

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