Monday, April 25, 2011

Enter to win a FREE Shirt! Please post a comment to win.

**Stacy P is the winner!  Thanks for al the entries!!!!  Hope everyone has a fun summer planned!

Summer is rapidly approaching! Anyone else SCARED! Please post some of your favorite craft/activity blogs/websites for little kids. I need to start planning activities for summer for my monkeys! Each comment will be entered to win a FREE initial or monogrammed name shirt.  The shirt can be three initials or a monogrammed name.  Drawing will be picked on May 8th.  


  1. She has some cute activities for preK kids.

  2. I love her site, she always has really neat crafts!

  3. This web site is great for Madison (4 years old). Since the Michigan weather is so unpredictable in the winter and spring. This web site is great for her to learn new words, work on her letters and numbers on days that we can't get out of the house. She LOVES it!

  4. Tennis camp at Tara! You can pick which days you want to sign up (1 day a week or up to 5) and do a half or whole day. Not a craft or website but it will give you some much needed time to get stuff done.

    Cristy Davidson

  5. Activity - WATERBABIES for my son (9 months old on Mother's Day)! :)

    Scroll to the bottom of this page......,Beginners

    Thanks, Tara McCraw