Monday, April 11, 2011

Gymboree Shorts and Shirts made to match

These shorts came from Gymboree.  Gymboree was having a great sale and a friend was so kind to be my personal shopper, and she picked up a few things for me:-)  Thanks Ashley!
These shorts have little ice cream cones embroidered on them, so I decided to make Landrie a little ice cream shirt to match.

This shirt only has two fabric changes so it is $19.
Another pair of Gymboree shorts.
I did a shirt like this for another friend.  I will post it soon.  The polka dot fabric was ironically lying next to these shorts and it was perfect!  

The princess shirt is $18 without the jewels, $20 with the jewels.

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  1. can you make a bubble guppies Una character monogrammed instead of the Mr. Grouper over a number 3 kind of like you made the ariel or rapunzle applique?