Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My little Peasants!

Here are a few pictures of my monkeys.  Pam, my seamstress, made Landrie a Peasant dress.  
I just love this dress and this fabric.  My favorite color is yellow!  This fabric looked so fresh and clean.  

Here is a still shot of the outfits.  I love how they coordinate.  Once they get on the kids, it is hard to get a good shot:-)  

This is me holding them still.  My daughter has not mastered the smile skill;-)  She just knows she is suppose to show her teeth!  

I have about 15 pictures of them on this swing, and this is the best one I got:-)

This is at my daughter's PreK graduation.  She is going to big girl school next year:-(  So bittersweet!  

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