Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Get your little boy a tractor for his birthday!

All boys LOVE tractors!  I don't know why?  They even write songs about them.

My husband and I were driving along one day and we passed a man on a tractor and my husband got this far off look in his eye and commented how he would love a tractor.
I asked him why and he said, "So I could drive it!"  And then looked at me like Duh!?
RRRRRRiiiiightt!?   That seems like a good reason to get a tractor...especially since our house sits on a whopping .25 acre stretch of land:-)
Anyway, now you can get your little boy a tractor!

The wheels are my favorite part on this shirt.  They have a slight velvetish  texture to it.  I tried to capture the look of them in the second picture.  This shirt is $20 because of the fabric changes.  

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