Thursday, July 1, 2010

Louisiana Tech Applique Shirt

Here it is!!!  The Louisiana Tech applique shirt!  I love it!!!!  It is not easy to find Louisiana Tech stuff....especially when you are living in Tiger country:-)

I did Judson on a ringer shirt.  I can get a red ringer shirt too, or a white tee.  I think this would also be cute on a read shirt.  Judson's name is in Silly
I experimented with Landrie's.  This is actually a white shirt that I cut up and I am making a halter out of it.  There is elastic on the back side.  The "T" is in red polka dot.  Her name is in Boys R Gross.  

The Tech applique and name on a tee is $20.  Ringer shirt is $22.00.  

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  1. i LOVE this! will be getting in touch closer to football season!